Near Châteauroux (France), Sept.26 - Oct.1st


The Kundalini Yoga International Men's Camp is a yearly spiritual gathering of men to :

  • acknowledge and elevate men's consciousness;
  • (re)defined the male identity;
  • re-inform our understanding and our actions;
  • establish our manhood in simplicity, stability, kindness and wisdom
  • grow from competition to community, and experiment common solitude; learn to grow with and for each other (brotherhood)
  • face the challenge of the times and self-qualify: develop our caliber to succeed in all facets of life.

The third camp, in 2013, will be set in central France, in the beautiful, inspiring and resourcing nature of the Creuse district.

Program & Activities

  • Sadhana (early morning yoga & meditation)
  • Kundalini Yoga & Meditation
  • Workshops on men's spiritality (incl. Karam Kriya)
  • "Men & Stone" (group discussion)
  • Music, Mantras & Sacred Chants
  • Games (Kabaddi), martial arts (Gatka, Lathi), walks...
  • Seva, community sharing, deep spirituality & great fun!

Daily schedule

Arrival day (Thursday, September 26)

  • 12h-18h30: arrival
  • 18h30h-20h30: dinner
  • 20h-21h30: Opening Circle (camp presentation, and meditation)

Next 4 days (Friday to Monday)

  • 5h-7h30: sadhana
  • 7h30-9h30: breakfast
  • 9h30-13h: teachings & kundalini yoga
  • 13h-14h30: lunch and seva
  • 14h30-18h30: activities
  • 18h30h-20h: dinner and seva
  • 20h-21h30: Camp Circle (group discussion, music and meditation)

Departure day (Tuesday, October 1st)

  • 5h-7h30: sadhana
  • 7h30-9h30: breakfast
  • 9h30-11h: Closing Circle (feedback, and meditation)
  • 11h-12h: camp cleaning
  • 12h-13h: light lunch, then departure

The number of participants is limited to 40. So take no risk: register now!